About EZ Bridge

EZ Bridge is managed by Maryline Haldi.


Maryline Haldi has gained a significant cultural and working knowledge while living, studying and working in various countries. She has obtained diplomas and certificates from Switzerland, Germany, the US, and has Swiss degrees in marketing and adult education.


For over 15 years Maryline Haldi has managed projects and completed various assignments necessitating extensive travel to European countries, Canada and the US, the Middle East, Far East and South Africa. She is comfortable attending conferences in the medical device field and has proven excellence in instructing healthcare professionals during surgical procedures. Over the years she has had the chance to cooperate with powerful companies and talented people. She uses her network, her knowledge and experience in the medical device field, her language skills, her understanding of different cultures as well as a great sense of adaptability to support medtech companies and their customers.

EZ Bridge s +41 79 409 17 24 s mh@ezbridge.ch